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Формация „Трисагион“

Формация „Трисагион“

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A Byzantine chant ensemble “Trisagion” was created in the fall of 2013. It’s purpose was to promote the Eastern orthodox music (the monodic Byzantine chant) in its authentic form and liturgical context as a living theology in hymns.

The founders of “Trisagion” are of the opinion that Eastern orthodox music in Bulgaria is going through a deep crisis owing this not only to the lack of sufficiently trained people, but also to the unfamiliarity of “laos” (God’s people, i.e. the christians) with the real communion in the liturgy.

With the initiative the founders of “Trisagion” have taken, they hope they could contribute to the improvement of the situation, selecting and performing the most remarkable chants, translating and adapting this kind of music precisely, entirely in the spirit of the Orthodox tradition.


N_AntonovNikola Antonov – Graduate of the Sofia Theological Seminary “St. John of Rila”, Sofia, Bulgaria. Between 1996 – 2000 he was a member of the metropolitan cathedral’s choir “St. Nedelya”. A former festive chanter and soloist of the “St. Trinity” church’s choir; a long-standing member of the Sofia Priests Choir, a chorister and soloist of the “Yoan Kukuzel Chamber”; a member of the Greek Byzantine choir “Δομέστοκοι” (Drama), under the direction of Archon Protopsaltis Mr. Grigoris Papaemauil, participated in concerts and Liturgical services with Mr. Grigoris Daravanoglu (Archon Maestor of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate). Currently also a festive chanter of the Rila Monastery and “St. Menas” church in Sofia. Studies classical singing with a vocal teacher – Georgi Kuzmanov. Also an IT-specialist.

Sv. TsankovSvetoslav Tsankov – graduated the vocal department of NMA “Pancho Vladigerov” (1999). He performs on stage in Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Germany, Norway. Has a laureate from the competition “New Voices”, organized by the National Opera in Sofia (2001). Specialized in Milano to the famous bulgarian tenor Nikola Tadzher. Soloist in “St. Troitsa” church choir, Sofia.

Велко АйковVelko Aykov – Graduated National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov”, specialty in classical singing. He has sung in the Musical thetare “Stephan Makedonsky”’ ‘s choir. He is currently a chorister in the Sofia’s National Opera and in the Byzantine’s music choir “St. Roman the Melodist.

E-Mail: trisagion@dveri.bg


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